Monday, March 23, 2009

Brief Trip Diary

My parents and I flew out of Toronto Airport on Jan. 19, 2009. We went over on Lufthansa. I can't praise their staff enough -they were very kind to me and did their very best to accommodate my special needs. I was brought on and off the airplane in a special wheelchair and the staff was very helpful. I am also on a very restrictive grain-free diet and could not eat any of the airline meals. Our wonderful purser brought me a big pile of fresh fruit from 1st class so that I would have something to eat. My parents were equally wowed by the courteous service. They said their airline meals were delicious. My father was particularly impressed with how liberal they were with servings of wine (I guess some other airlines can be stingy).

We landed the next morning in Frankfurt. We got lost in the terminal and had difficulty locating our baggage. It's not the most wheelchair-accessible airport, that's for sure (to be fair, they were in the middle of a massive renovation). We finally found our stuff and picked up our rental car, a black Opel station wagon. We then embarked on the 2-hour drive to Pforzheim. It's true what they say about the Autobahn: there's no speed limit on most of it and many German drivers like to go very, very FAST! Even though my father was the one driving, I found it rather stressful in my neurologically-damaged, jet-lagged state. I had to cover my eyes a few times!! Once we got down to Pforzheim and exited the Autobahn, we drove off into the mountains in search of Dobel, the little town where we would be staying for the duration of my treatment.

Of course, we wound up getting lost in the hills for about an hour but, on the plus side, we got our first taste of the GORGEOUS Black Forest scenery. Even in the dead of winter, the Schwarzwald region is lush and green, thanks to the high number of Tannen (fir trees). It must be incredibly, heart-stoppingly beautiful in the summer, when the flowers are in bloom. It is truly a magical 'Maerchen' (fairy-tale) land. Finally, we found Dobel and met Mrs. Klein, our lovely landlady. We spent the next couple of days trying to recover from jet-lag and settling in to our clean, bright and cozy apartment. Mrs. Klein was so helpful and actually drove my father all the way to Dr. W.'s office in Pforzheim so that he wouldn't get lost on the day of my first appointment.

I arrived at Dr. W.'s office on Jan. 22. He took me into his office and we discussed my symptoms, the test results I had brought with me, my initial diagnosis with ALS and subsequent re-diagnosis with Lyme Disease. I was then taken to another room to be tested. Through energetic testing on the BICOM machine, he was able to diagnose a high rate of Borreliosis/ Neuroborreliosis in all my body's systems. According to him, this way of testing is considerably more accurate than blood tests. The "resistance measurements" showed that I have had this illness a very long time (15 to 20 years and maybe longer). He told me that, without a doubt, I had Lyme Disease "very bad". This was such a cathartic moment for me, after the complete and utter torment I've been living through for the past 2 years, that I started to cry. Okay, I sobbed...

After I tested positive, he began to treat me with photon therapy right away. This photon therapy was developed by Dr. W. just under 10 years ago. Borrelia nosodes from Staufen Pharma plus two vials of live Borrelia agents (the European and N. American strains -B. afzelli and B. burgdorferi) were taped to my solar plexus. The BIONIC 880 was then applied to ten points on my body for 320 seconds each time.

Directly following each photon treatment, I received a hyperbaric Ozone infusion followed by an exit-infusion with Magnesium, Zinc, Hepar comp, Solidage comp, Lymphomyosot and bicarbonate. The nurses at the clinic were all very sweet and kind, even as they struggled with my collapsing veins and thick, goopy, tar-like 'Lymie' blood. I did my best to speak German with them (I studied it in high school) and I think they appreciated my effort to communicate. I'm sure I made some bad grammatical flubs along the way though.

In between photon sessions, I was treated twice with a SCENAR machine in order to activate my metabolic system and my muscle function. I also received some chiropractic adjustments from Dr. W.

On Feb. 9, after 5 photon sessions, he control-tested me with the BICOM and still found the presence of Borrellia in the strength (potency) of D1000. Following that result, I then received a further 6th photon treatment including ozone and infusion afterwards. I was then informed, "Now you do not have Borrelliosis any more."

On Feb. 12, I received another specific photon therapy (without Borrellia nosodes this time) in order to activate my brain functions.

I returned to Canada the following day. I'll never forget the kind and wonderful people I met in Germany and the 'Gemuetlichkeit'. I will be forever grateful to my awesome parents for taking me and putting up with my grumpiness.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Short Update

I returned from Germany 5 weeks ago. I was treated 6x for Borreliosis with the Bionic 880 and then Dr W. declared me to be free of Lyme Disease (Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria) .

Sorry I did not wind up doing the blog while I was there -the internet connection at the Kleins Guesthouse was up several flights of stairs (I have mobility issues) and I did not want to use an internet cafe due to the EMFs (Dr. W. explicitly warns against EMF exposure during treatment).

Now that I've been back for a while and am in recovery mode, I'll be trying to fill in all the gory details of my treatment in the next few days/weeks.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I figured the first day of the new calendar year would be a good time to start this blog.

Here's my wish: that 2009 brings hope and healing to all who suffer from Lyme Disease.